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Municodenext, the industrys leading search application with over 3,300 codes and growing. This map provides information about current developmental projects in the city. Routt county expressly disclaims all liability regarding accuracy or completeness of this map. The planning and zoning division provides the following services. Zoning map effective january 2012 zoning map zoning map. Oakland was the first city to be placed on the states historic register, in may 1968. No zoning map available potential future toe improvement keewatin i t a s c a c o u n t y s t. A shelterinplace order is in effect for all alameda county residents. The web version of the zoning resolution of the city of new york is provided for reference and the convenience of having the resolution in an online format. The planning and zoning board conducts public hearings and makes recommendations on matters pertaining to planning and zoning. This map should not be used to establish legal title, boundary lines, locations of improvements or utilities, or relied upon in any flight activity. Oakland and locust change in zoning from local business lb2 to a detailed planned development dpd meeting information. City of pittsburg uses gis system to model, map and maintain utilities and other vital resources. The town was named after morgan may, an english immigrant who eventually became one of the more prosperous farmers in the town.

Zoning districts c1 c2 c3 c4 i1 i2 i3 r1 r1u r2 r3 r4 re 0 1,000 feet approximate scale is. The official zoning map shall be adopted by reference and declared to be a part of this ordinance. Zoning map sections section 1 section 2 section 3 section 4 section 5. Area e zoning de2 rural lumby pdf area e zoning de3 rural lumby pdf area e zoning de4 pdf area e zoning de5 lumby rural pdf area e zoning de6 pdf area e zoning de7 pdf area f zoning f1 pdf area f zoning f2 mara lake pdf area f zoning f3 grindrod and area pdf area f zoning f4 enderby and area pdf area f zoning f5 fall creek.

Zoning and parcel information map viewer use this dynamic map to enter an address and identify information for specific properties, such as zoning district, height area, historic significance, general plan designation, and impact fee zone. City of edgewater zoning map city limits zoning zoning agric ult ure rt rural trans itional r1 sin gle family r esidential r2. Oakland county, michigan zoning maps and codes zoningpoint. Each type has defined land use and building specifications. Created by routt county planning office, 1262011 0 10 205 miles routt county, colorado zoning map. Noe zoning information as son on tis map is subject to cange or te most uptodate zoning information for tis map, visit te zoning section of te department of cit planning ebsite.

Or you may view a pdf static map of zoning for the entire city at citywide zoning map effective may 12. Other map symbols university ave strategic plan city boundary arts district overlay avenue mixed use uasp node hillside overlay boundary official zoning map of the city of berkeley, california adopted by the berkeley city council on march 18, 1999 ordinance no. 5 1 mile n s a n f r a n c i s c o b a y p aci f ic oc e a n 1 1 1 1 101 101 101 101 101 101 280 280 280 280 80 35 35 city hall union square peir. City facilities are closed and nonessential meetings and events are cancelled.

The town of amherst, new york amherst, provides this geographic information system gis data and related mapping as a service to residents and businesses. The town of may was organized in 1893, and a year later the town hall was built and the first supervisors elected. March 2017 i hereby certify that this map is an official copy of the zoning map rockford, illinois adopted by ordinance on 432008 and corrected as officially amended as of the most recent date above. F 18 x 24 tax plat maps 2 required can be obtained at the department of public workstransportation, survey section located at 320 e. The city of oakland includes several types of zoning districts. Ensures proposed development uses are consistent and compatible with surrounding zoning districts and uses. Hears and decides appeals of decisions made by the boroughs zoning officer based on the enforcement of the zoning ordinance. Use this pdf map to identify information for specific properties, such as zoning district and height area. Zoning information map to find information you can search by address at the top of the screen to zoom to an area, or use one of the options offered below for zoning codes. The citys twoblock business district consists of the original brick buildings built in the 1880s and 1890s. South plainfield borough middlesex county, new jersey. Recent amendments to the zoning resolution also appear on the.

Zoning map city of pontiac, michigan the parcel lines of this map are representational of the actual parcel lines and are not intended to be substituted for an ofic lsurv e yd tc pontiac records for precise distances, boundaries and areas of parcels. W p a r k a v e o l d m i s s i o n r d w i n d i a n r i v e r b l v d s r i d. Please read below to find out how to use the interactive planning and zoning map to learn land use, zoning and other information for the city of oakland. Use this dynamic map to enter an address and identify information for specific properties, such as zoning district, height area, historic significance, general plan designation, and impact fee zone. City plan commission cpc meeting monday, october 23. This map was prepared with data maintained by various agencies at the town, county. Codes, maps and documents city of oakland california. Borough of north york zoning ordinance york county, pennsylvania as adopted by the north york borough council december 18,2003 this ordinance was. The oakland historic district was listed on the national register of historic. Oakland county, michigan choose a municipality or county below to see its zoning map and zoning code.

Table of contents oakland zoning and estuary policy plan maps zoning information summary. Fr e xi 1 0 t h s t eways 1 0 t h s t n ridgewod ave a v e. The township is hereby divided into districts, with the district areas and boundaries as shown on the official township zoning map, along with all proper notations, references and explanatory matter. Like any other map application available online, i. Goodison area heart lake o t 4wynstone 12 10 15 ood dar ks 249 25 o. Descriptions for the zoning designations can be found in the official code of cobb county, in part 1, chapter 4.

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