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Personal protection training bodyguard training how to. Phoenix group provide comprehensive close protection driving courses. Sia approved level 3 close protection certified industry leading instructors with world class operational experience. Advanced, instinctive and evasive driving techniques. Specialist operations academy close protection driver course. The close protection course includes the overall knowledge within business and dignitary sectors. I is offering this unique course that provides the essential tools required by a security driver. The protection driving program pdp concludes with a technically advanced and realistic skid control. The blue mountain evasive and defensive driving edd course provides a wide range of advanced driving skills, delivered effectively and safely by highly experienced former police and military instructors. Candidates who do not already have a formal medical qualification will be required to take the first person on scene intermediate course, which can be added to the close protection course at an additional charge. Sia close protection course 3rg security training courses. Vdi protective evasive driving this threeday program is designed for professional security drivers, executive chauffeurs and protection specialists looking to. Intelligent protection international limited has added military operation and management skills services to enhance those bodyguard services.

After doing the close protection training you would be able to apply for the highly esteemed close protection license from sia which will allow you to work as a close protection officer in the united kingdom, you may also escort and accompany celebrities and dignitaries to other countries. Being a close protection officer can be extremely demanding and requires indepth knowledge and training. Defensive and evasive driver training close protection. Demonstrating the capacity to write a corporate level threat assessment is often the difference between being a team member and a team leader in the field.

Unlike other providers ismta is an elearning purist, in that all the close protection training taught content that is delivered by one of our many subject matter experts sme is a close resemblance to actually being in the classroom, but without all the costs and time constraints. Defensive driving military training close protection. This means the close protection training course covers a broad range of skills, from threat assessment, operational planning and reconnaissance, to vehicle techniques, search procedures and close protection teamwork. The close protection operations course is for people who want to work in the private security industry and who require an sia license to practice as a close protection operative. By the end of the session learners will be able to. Accredited executive protection training 3rd party nc department of justice private protective services board certified training course for continuing education ppsb11634. Tsu training solutions offers this international close protection course in conjunction with istq and habc.

In a number of fast moving and challenging scenarios and conditions, we teach our students how to. Our graduates, who come from all walks of life, leave the academy with the highest level of knowhow and expertise to pursue a successful career in the field of vip protection, worldwide. The course incorporates tactical driving with tactical shooting training. Bodyguard training close protection training courses. Bespokes close protection driving course is a comprehensive, modular training programme that prepares drivers like you for rewarding careers in close. Firearms certified, the only course delivered within. Defensive and evasive driver training close protection driver. These courses are open to civilians, police, military personnel and contractors. The programme allows you to work in the private security industry, supplying you with the knowledge and understanding of close protection security.

Close protection and surveillance awareness driver training g4s. The executive protection institute meets every critical training need in the close protection profession. Identify the different phases of a close protection operation define the role of a close protection team demonstrate the techniques and tactics to be applied in support of close protection teams for general security purpose static and mobile protection. Your instructors have many years of experience in relation to close. Course requirements all candidates must be 18 or over and should hold a full driving licence, however this is not mandatory. Sia close protection training courses get licensed. Vip close protection security driver training course fufolia youtube. To achieve the level 3 certificate for working as a close protection operative within the private security industry you will need to attend and take two training modules and take and pass an exam. In order to obtain an sia licence you will need to show that you are trained to the right level.

The course includes classroom lectures and practical field training exercises to provide a full understanding of close protection operations. Bespokes close protection driving course is a comprehensive, modular training programme that prepares drivers like you for rewarding careers in close protection and security chauffeuring. This training transforms an ordinary security driver into an essential, integrated resource on the security teaman asset instead of a risk. Paul gibson from goes to the north west to discover the latest close protection driving course. Our head of training developed his own cqc system as a result of over four decades of participation and teaching cqc. Close protection driving course bespoke driver training. A bodyguard can be a driverbodyguard, a closeprotection officer who escorts the client, or part of an ancillary unit that provides support such as electronic bug detection, countersniper monitoring, presearching facilities, ied detection and backgroundchecking people who will have contact with the client. Our close protection bodyguard training courses in south florida, serbia and greece are aimed at serious students who will go on to use the skill taught on the courses. I had a good feeling about bespoke driver trainings course from the start because even the joining instructions tell you to bring your driving licence and a sense.

A security driver plays a significant part in a close protection team since a. If training staff in personal protection only, the instructors must cover the following sections from the pcc manual prior to any physical training. Close protection training linx security training sia. The course that orchid risk offers has been designed for chauffeurs, fleet drivers, close protection drivers and corporate members who take their driving skills seriously and are always looking to improve their methods. Practical scenarios are covered on our close protection course to help you understand your role and responsibilities in a real environment. This is one of the skills that sets our graduates apart and establishes esis distinct identity in the close protection training universe. State the role of a close protection operative on foot identify the roles within a close protection team whilst on foot explain the importance of a flexible approach to protection whilst on foot. If youre new to the profession, you can rely on our 22 years of experience accelerating the career progression of hundreds of aspiring professional drivers. Realistic exercises are the key point to developing defensive driving skills. Fufolia driver training for vip close protection security driver training course vip close protection, vip driver protection training viste. Habc level 3 close protection course tsu training solutions. Close protection training course all time security. Our rospa accredited 1 day elite driver training is the most intensive and comprehensive package on the market, aimed at drivers that are part of close protection teams. Close protection unit royal military police cpu rmp.

The students will understand vehicle dynamics in various situations on different road conditions. Executive protecton training exective security international. The close protection training course will help you learn how to deal with difficult situations that a close protection operative may come to deal with within the industry. The close protectiontraining course has been devised based on a combination of both police and military close protection training courses, together with experience gained within the private sector in relation to close protection. Our 9 day comprehensive bodyguard training program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective personal protection. Specification for learning and qualifications for close. The training course culminates in an extended exercise in which the students must protect a vip over a period of several days. Close protection drivers course bespoke training courses.

Close protection courses and training blue mountain group. The close protection training course is a 28 day intensive training program for the person who is seeking a career as an executive protection operative and is currently serving in the executive protection field in the military, police and corporate environments. Close protection security training from all time security has been built to comply with sia standards, making it a nationally respected training programme. Bodyguards now have internationallyrecognised qualifications and a standard level of overall training. Your close protection operative training finishes with the theory and practice of conflict management. Close protection driver training course phoenix group. If you are looking for evasive and defensive driver training, contact us today. Check out nemesis protection and our protective driving course designed to enable you to. The main aim of the security driving b6 armored course is to prepare high level security drivers and give them the necessary set of practical skills. The system has been adopted and utilised by sf units internationally, it is based around natural responses to action under stress conditions and not on attempts to change neutral reactions. To explain and demonstrate close protection foot drills. Bespoke driver training driving safety and security. An additional 3 days at the end of the close protection operative training course is added to teach first aid at work, which is required to qualify for an sia close protection operative license.

Apply to agent, analyst, custom protection officer and more. After all, a poor driver could just be the teams worst enemy. Candidates who have completed formal close protection training from the organisations listed below and have remained in an operational close protection role, will be exempt from further training but will be required to take the knowledge test and a practical skills assessment. All training aids, equipment, manuals, reading material and evidence folders. Close protection course in london by 1 ace security. Tactical driving for close protection officers bodyguard training. Four live close protection operations conducted in the public domain with real clients. Search 151 close protection training jobs now available on, the worlds largest job site. Btec level 3 in working as a close protection operative in the private security industry pearson edexcel certification. A security driver plays a significant part in a close protection team since a principal is. Royal military police officers can apply for the close protection unit after six months service with the rmp. Siras academy is a provider of close protection training and other security solutions for. The course that orchid risk offers has been designed for chauffeurs, fleet drivers, close protection drivers and. The training peaks with an intensive final exercise that combines all the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the.

Executive protection training bodyguard training course. Close protection training course content the level 3 international certificate in close supervision is a qualification aimed at providing learners with the necessary knowledge and understanding to work as a close protection operative. We have many courses available in security driving, security training, bodyguard training and personal protection training. Driver training course overview close protection course. Evasive driving school tactical driving security driver. Executive protection agent nyc parttime united states, new york. G4s specialist training is part of g4s risk consulting ltd, a leading provider of risk mitigation, secure support services and integrated solutions to governments, international agencies. Close protection driver training sanden driver training. Initially trained by the sas, the rmp now runs its own close protection courses which train other units. Close protection has evolved over the last decade, into what is now a more refined service. Courses archive european bodyguard and security service. Evasive defensive driving course blue mountain group.

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